Friday, January 28, 2005

I have a blog!

Wow, aren't I tech savy! (Ok, so all I really know how to do is fill out forms and type, but it looks pretty cool anyway). I don't now how often I'll actually end up using this but we shall see.

Today I went to the temple and I remembered to take my nice, new digital camera and was so excited to take a picture of my favorite panoramic scene from the front of the Jordan River Temple only to discover that I don't know how to use my handy dandy camera. Guess I'll have to give in and read the handbook. I managed to take one picture, but it wouldn't let me see what I was taking a picture of until after I took it, which isn't cool, so I finally gave up. Sigh!

I went to James' house this afternoon to pick up a book he kindly checked out for me from the U library. We spent most of the time working on a NY Times crossword puzzle. We got really close to finishing but I had to go visiting teaching before we could finish.

Well, I guess I'd better stop stalling and go work on the paper I'm supposed to turn in before midnight tonight.


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