Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He just keeps growing

So, it's been a while since I posted (as I have kindly been informed by a friend). Somehow when I only get time to check email two or three times a week, posting to a blog is low on my priority list. Sleep usually comes first. I'm a big fan of naps, especially the last few months. I hadn't realized how long it's been since I last posted.

Chris continues to grow (unsurprisingly) and change. He loves to stand up and can stand totally on his own in his dad's hands (I'll see if I can post a video of it). He also likes sitting up, he tends to lean forward though and slowly lower himself to the ground till he is basically in a face plant. I'm not sure what he's really going for, but he seems to want to get closer to something for a better look and then once he starts leaning forward he can't stop and ends up with his face squashed into whatever he was trying to get a closer look at. He loves experimenting with his voice and makes all kinds of crazy sounds. And he sucks or chews on anything he can get into his mouth whether it be someone's arm, his burp cloth, a toy, or his own hand. He learned to roll onto his tummy and for a while he would roll over every time I laid him on his back, but he couldn't seem to figure out how to get off his tummy. So he would roll onto his tummy and be pleased with himself for a minute, then he'd kick and kick trying to go somewhere, when that didn't get him somewhere fast, he'd finally just put his head on his hands and cry till I rescued him by helping him roll over. Now he seems to have finally realized that he doesn't like lying on his tummy, and he's stopped rolling over, except when Dad is watching him (for some reason he always rolled over more with James. In fact, I missed the first time he rolled over because I was in the shower and James was watching him at the time).
He's already survived two rounds of shots, so far no horrible side effects, though he has been rather ornery since he got the last set (about a week ago). I guess that's enough updating on Chris.
By the way, on a different note, it looks like we will be purchasing a home at the end of August. Our offer was accepted, so assuming that things go according to plan with the inspection, loan, etc., we should be moving into a new house soon. We're really excited! We'll have a house warming party once we're all moved in and party it up :)
I will be posting some new pictures/videos to our album, for anyone who is interested.


At July 29, 2009 at 3:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger Shiree said...

Great! I think that kids roll over with their dads more, because they don't "rescue" them. Congrats on the house. You'll have to have that party, because Cory and I are moving to Oregon in October. Yay!

At July 31, 2009 at 7:09:00 AM PDT, Blogger Katrina said...

A new house?!! How very exciting! It is so fun to have a place of your own. You'll have to send me the details when you move.


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