Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Meetings

I love how going to church takes me from feeling completely rotten to feeling good! There's not even any specific thing that was said today that was "just what I needed to hear," but just the feeling of being there was enough.

I got to be primary chorister for the first time today. It went ok. I was a little frustrated by the 11-year old boys who think they're too cool to show respect, but overall it was fine. The kids participated and time didn't drag too much. It's so hard to keep kids' attention, especially after they've already sat for two hours. It'll be good for me though, teach me to loosen up a little :)

Yesterday afternoon James and I spent around four hours doing homework. Then he treated us to Tres Hombres, an excellent Mexican restraunt with good service. It was soo yummy! I ate way to much. We also watched an episode of Monk, I was a little disappointed, both of us solved the mystery before Monk. But it's still a funny show, with a few surprise twists and turns. We then played Black & White for a couple of hours until I had to go. It's an interesting game with some annoying characteristics, which are discussed in James blog, (j2jensen).


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