Monday, June 27, 2005

Random notes

This past weekend was interesting. I got to be a "pioneer" with my family in the Taylorsville Dayz Parade. I transplanted four rose bushes. James and I also joined some friends in heading up the canyon to have a cookout. Due to a series of unfortunate events we ended up driving and wandering around for about two hours and then heading back to Amy's house (the friend's house we had started at) without ever getting to cook or eat our dinners. Luckily we were with a bunch of people who are able to have fun wherever they are, so we made a fire in the pit in Amy's backyard and sang around the "campfire" and told stories. With the help of nearly everyone present they came up with a great, mangled story about the adventures of a werellama and a wereduck who got glued together. Good times!

Sunday night we met with James's bishop and his wife this Sunday. Forty or so years ago they were in basically the same situation as James and I are, (planning on getting married, but knowing he needs to serve a mission first) so they invited us to come over to get some advice and encouragement. They said many things that were just what we needed. It was wonderful! I definitely feel that the Lord had a hand in putting him in the bishopric of James's singles ward at this time. I just feel so blessed! The Lord led me to the guy who would be most perfect for me. He gave me a wonderful family who supports and loves me no matter what. And He continues to place people in my life at the perfect times to fulfill my needs. God is truly great!


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