Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Beginnings

The month of August is drawing to a close, which means all kinds of new beginnings, several of which make me extremely happy. The first is the fact that I only have one day left of working the grounds at BYU. Next week I'm back to being a TA and although it is definitely less of a character building experience than working grounds, I can't help but be excited to no longer need to work out in the sun doing hard core labor for 4-5 hours a day--I've had enough character building to last a few months. However, I do appreciate the muscle toning I've gotten as a result of working grounds--my upper body hasn't been this in-shape since I worked with my dad.

Next, I got two new roommates and they're wonderful (one roommate moved out and two new one's moved in so we now have four in the house instead of three). One of them is a good friend of Laura's (my roommate for the last year) and is very enjoyable company. It has been very nice to have a complete lack of tension and contention in the apartment. I really like it when everyone gets along.

Also, I have gotten involved with swing club again and it's been really nice! Not only is it good to be dancing on a regular basis again, but it's also nice to re-establish old friendships and make new ones. My old friend, Grant, is down here now and is part of the reason I got involved in swing dancing again (we served in the same mission, though at different times, so it's always fun to speak Chinese and discuss Taiwan with him). And his roommate, Scott, is turning out to be a good friend too--lots of fun and very easy to talk with, besides being a great dancer.

Furthermore, I finally turned in a draft of my prospectus to my thesis committee so, if I can ever get any of them to give me feedback, I may eventually get approved and be able to start writing my thesis, which means that I may someday graduate.

And lastly, but not leastly, James finally hit his year mark. And that pretty much sums up the month of August.


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