Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gary's homecoming and Thanksgiving Break

Just for the record that last two weeks have been great! November 17th my brother Gary returned from his mission in Vancouver Canada and it has been so nice to have him home. He's as loveable and funny as he ever was and yet he's more thoughtful and mature than he was before he left. He loves Christmas and it will be fun to have him around this Christmas promoting the Christmas spirit as early on as possible.

We also had a really fun Thanksgiving. We went to southern Utah to be with some of my Mom's family. We started with a traditional pie night on Wednesday, which is my favorite part of Thanksgiving, even though I can't enjoy eating pie as much as I used to. Then Thursday we had an excellent dinner. Friday we went to the mountains to find and cut our own Christmas tree. And Saturday we went on a hike to see some petroglyphs left by Spanish conquistadors. We hiked out about a mile and a half to a redrock canyon with carvings of a horse, a sun, a moon, a star, and a cross or sword with a helmet on the top. It was just a wonderful week. I have the most awesome family and I got to spend almost five days straight in their company, it just doesn't get much better than that.


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