Sunday, May 08, 2005

Confirmation, graduation, and so on

It occurs to me that I never mentioned Cy's confirmation. James got to confirm him in church the day after his baptism. It was his first time performing that ordinance and giving a blessing, so he was a little nervous. However, the spirit was there and the blessing was beautiful!

Friday was James's graduation. It was a long day! We started out with a brunch at Maire Calendar's with his mom's side of the family (his cousin also graduated on Friday). It was yummy and entirely too filling! I was only able to finish a fourth of my food by the time I ate salad and cornbread. After that we went to the U for a reception for graduates, they had tons of good food there, including strawberries and cheesecake, two of my absolutely favorite food. Then that night we went to the convocation for the College of Engineering (a little shorter than commenment). I'd never been to a college graduation before and it was quite the experience! After taking about a dozen and a half pictures we headed to his aunt's for dinner (I was surprised to discover that I was actually hungry enough to eat some after all I'd eaten).

After that I headed to my uncle Jed's house to babysit overnight while he and his wife used the free hotel pass he'd won. The two youngest were the only ones home and they are adorable. We spent most of the morning playing with food storage (stacking cans and transporting potatoes back and forth), a huge plastic car with a matress in it, and a large cardboard box. I couldn't get them to play with any of their toys for more than about 10 minutes at a time. It really makes me wonder why we ever buy kids toys!

Once their parents returned James and I headed to Brigham City to meet my old roomies for lunch in celebration of Camille Tomer's graduation. We were late so we didn't get to sit by them during dinner :( But we did get to talk for a little while afterwards. Then James and I spent some time visiting with my friend, Shiree and her husband, Cory. We finally headed back to James's house around 7:30, where we decided to unwind from a long day of travel by reading Preach my Gospel (since James was supposed to have read two chapters for his mission prep class by Sunday). After we finished the two chapters we ended up having a really good talk that lasted until about midnight (as usual) :)


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