Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Snow and Easter

Wow, between the busyness of school and my lack of ideas for something to write about, it's been a while since I blogged. Not that I have anything really special to say now, but oh well.

First off I'd like to ask a question, Who's idea was all this snow anyway?! We didn't even have snow for Christmas. I couldn't go sledding during Christmas break because of the lack of snow. And now when Spring has already "officially" begun and it's almost April we have the biggest snowstorm of the year. It's like the person in charge doesn't even pay attention to the calendar or something.

Secondly, some random Easter notes. This year for Easter my mom tried out some cool, new stuff. She boiled some of our eggs with onion skins to make them dark and then we tried etching a design into the shell. It was pretty cool looking (at least the artistic geniuses, Brent and my mom, made some pretty awesome designs; those of us who lack artistic talent didn't fare so well, my "tulips" ended up looking more like bats then flowers). We also made Easter cookies. The recipe was connected to scriptures about Christ's death and resurrection, and the cookies were hollow in the middle like the tomb. It was nifty.

I also had a good Easter Sunday (in spite of the fact that I ended up playing the organ, speaking, playing for one musical number and directing another one in Sacrament meeting, and teaching a sunday school lesson, as well as directing the music in primary (as usual). While listening to the other speakers the beauty of Christ's atonement and resurrection really hit home for me and I felt such overwhelming love and appreciation for Him. I'm so grateful to know that I can repent and one day be resurrected and return to live with God and my loved ones because of Christ.


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