Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nothing much

I have been fighting a cold for the past two weeks. I imagine if I tried getting a little more sleep I might get over it a little faster. And speaking of sleep, I feel like a princess and sleep like a log in my new bed. I wake up feeling more rested even when I don't get eight hours of sleep. It is wonderful! And speaking of wonderful, James gave me a fabulous massage last night. After I returned the favor, we again stayed up talking until my mom called to make sure I hadn't died. I felt bad for making her worry and headed home soon after that.

This morning I went to Women's Conference in our stake. Sister Cheiko Okazaki spoke. She is funny and inspirational, so it was great! She shared some really interesting things about the importance of reading 20 minutes a day to children. She shared some studies and statistics, as well as personal experience, that demonstrated the extreme importance of making that a priority. She also reminded us of the importance helping individuals, especially difficult children, feel loved and full of worth. And she told us to lighten up! We always say, "To err is human," but we all feel that we are the exception to that statement. We sputter and fume over our mistakes, wasting time getting frustrated with ourselves when things don't go according to plan and when we forget something or make a mistake. She just said that we need to learn to laugh at mistakes and take them in stride. (That's an area I could really improve in!)


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