Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunday Fireside

My grandparents are old friends of Elder and Sister Robert D. Hales and as a result they were able to help arrange a special fireside for their stake and requested Sister Hales to come and speak. She did so and her husband accompanied her and gave some brief remarks as well. She spoke about the various events that prepared the earth for the Restoration of the church and then shared funny experiences she's had in associating with general authorities. It was fun to hear some down-to-earth and humorous things about our leaders. Even though they are prophets and apostles of God, they are still human. It's nice to know that God uses every-day people to accomplish amazing things. One doesn't have to perfect, or even extraordinary to be able to accomplish the work of the Lord!

Then Elder Hales shared a brief and strong testimony of Christ and the truthfulness of the Church. When it was over my grandparents took us all up to meet them. I felt somewhat silly, but it was nice to have my grandparents there introducing us. Elder Hales informed us (including James), "We love your grandparents."

Afterwards James and my brothers enjoyed the refreshments. They felt obligated to sample all of the most chocolate-y items, using excuses such as, "I have to make sure it's not poisoned," "But it's chocolate!," and "Only one? But I keep losing count." They also enjoyed watching me nearly spit out my water and then choke on it instead when James made me laugh while I was taking a drink. I love hanging out with my brothers and James; they are so funny!


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