Monday, March 07, 2005

Reading hair

Eating meals as a family at my house is quite an experience (as anyone who has done so can attest). It's a little like the dinner table conversation in While You Were Sleeping. "These mashed potatoes are soo creamy. . . Robert Romero wasn't tall . . . I never said he was tall, I said he was Italian . . . What kind of girl is Jack's type?"

So anyway, Sunday morning at the breakfast table my brother Robert started "reading" everyone's hair. As his twin brother, Ricky, commented, "Some people read the stars, Rob reads . . . the hair." My hair classified me as a librarian, while Ricky had "band hair," and my brother Andy apparently has "football hair." This was also demonstrated by the way we ate our food. I looked for the "soft spot and used that to cut through my food," whereas Andy "just uses his muscles to attack his food." Rob also declared that it would be necessary to submit James to a "hair test" to see if he and I really are compatible (I guess we'll take care of that when he returns) :) Rob also explained that sometimes you just have to read specific strands to see certain characteristics that you can't read in the hair as a whole. It was hilarious! Rob's randomness keeps us laughing, he's always has some funny, creative sentence coming out of his mouth.


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