Friday, March 04, 2005


I'm excited, I finally saw something beautiful AND remembered I have a new digital camera at the same time. So I'm going to paste some of those.

Other than that, nothing really interesting to report. James is in Hawaii for the next week and a half. I am still in Provo, suddenly realizing that I have some assignments due in the next two days and that I had better get busy!

Speaking of reports, I have a two page, single-spaced report due for my internship this weekend. I'm getting annoyed by the stupid book they are having me read that is totally focused on a human services internship and is thus largely inapplicable to me, since my internship is largely focused on editing and working with documents. Most of the interaction I have with people in regards to this internship are via email, so reading the book is for the most part a waste of time for me. Unfortunately, I have to read it to be able to write the report. Fortunately, as an English undergraduate, I am very good at skimming and reading only the parts neccesary to enable me to write the report. :)


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