Thursday, August 18, 2005

An eclectic compilation of recent events

Wow, it's been a while since I've had time to write. With James leaving I pretty much spent any spare time I had with him. We enjoyed a trip to Lagoon at the beginning of this month. I went on Rattlesnake Rapids for the first time and spent most of the day trying to stay wet so I wouldn't have a headache. We rode every ride we wanted to, helped a girl who had collapsed and was hyperventilating, took his little sisters on the Spider, enjoyed the "Broadway Review" show, and generally wore ourselves out. It was a blast!

James and I also got to participate in proxy sealings at the temple which was a truly wonderful experience (it'll be especially nice when we finally get to do it for ourselves) :)

Our family cabin also got sold recently and we enjoyed one last day up there and took lots of pictures before saying goodbye to it.

My sister flew to the Sao Paulo MTC on Tuesday and James entered the Provo MTC yesterday so it's been quite a week! I'm grateful to have school starting in about a week so I will have all kinds of new things to think about and keep me busy! It works out that because of the language requirement (that I was not properly informed of), I have two years left before I graduate. As it turns out, I should graduate either right before or right after James returns, which works out nicely! I feel very blessed to see the way the Lord has guided and blessed my life since I've been home from my mission. I am astounded to see how rich are the blessings that he pours down upon me!

Swinging on the yellow gate . . . a cabin tradition. Posted by Picasa

I grew some :) Posted by Picasa

Putting things in perspective. Posted by Picasa

My parents on everybody's favorite swing. Posted by Picasa

When I was younger we drank from this stream, we also hiked down the stream. It was my favorite spot, besides the swing. Posted by Picasa