Friday, April 07, 2006

Semesters of death

Well, it's been a little while since I last wrote. In fact, so long that I fogot my password. Not that I really think anyone reads this, especially now that I haven't written for over six months, but I figure I might want to use this more at some future date so I figure I should put something up every once in a while. The last two semesters have been rather hellish. Hard classes, a tough roommate, and several family crises (my great grandmother and grandfather both passed away within three weeks of each other and my Dad's back went out on him for a little while), not to mention having James thousands of miles away in France, have made for a difficult couple of semesters. However, this semester will be over at the end of April and if I can just get a paper written and pass a final I'm home free :) This summer I will be taking a class or two as well (hopefully that will be more enjoyable than the previous two semesters have been). And the most exciting news is that I'm going to New York in May to see my old mission companion, Sandy Hales Naugle, be sealed to her husband in the Palmyra temple. The farthest east I've been to date is Illinois and the only time I've been on an airplane was flying to and from Taiwan so I'm looking forward to the adventure. I should go work on the paper due on Monday now. Hopefully I'll write again soon enough to still remember my password.