Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kerstin's Homecoming

Mom finally has her three girls home again!

Kerstin in the midst of the Lyman men (She's not really used to feeling like a shrimp. In Brazil she was one of the tallest people around.)

Kerstin in her custom-made Brazilian outfit. Isn't she cute?!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kerstin's Homecoming

Well, I guess it's appropriate that the last time I wrote was the last time a missionary returned because that's why I'm writing now. My sister just got home from her mission in Brazil (Manaus, right next to the Amazon River) on Thursday. She was originally going to be home in February, but due to some long-term health issues she was honorably released and sent home a little early. We're excited to have her back and she's looking really good, despite health issues. She's having a little difficulty in adjusting, she really loves Brazil and the Brazilian people and was quite distraught at having to return early. Luckily she's very self-motivated so she is staying busy, instead of wallowing in misery.

While I'm writing I guess I'll inform you of other good news in my life. Borrowed Earth (the student journal I've been slaving over since last February) finally got printed. It isn't quite as I envisioned it, but it still looks good and I am by no means ashamed of it. I also got the first chapter of my thesis off to my thesis committee last week and will start on chapter two this week. It's starting to look like I really will be done by April (which is what I've been telling myself for the last year). That means I should be totally done in time for an August graduation without any major stress, which makes me happy!