Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tripping all over

February was one crazy month for me. I was out of town all but one weekend, so I'm looking forward to being home for at least most of the weekends in March. The first weekend I was up in Logan for a huge swing dance workshop and dance, where I learned all kinds of amazing things from amazing dancers. Then the next weekend I presented a paper at a graduate conference at the U of U, then I left straight from there to go to southeastern Utah for my grandma's 80th birthday party. The weekend after that I was mostly in Provo, though I did go home Sunday night and Monday afternoon to help with preparations for my sister's mission homecoming. Then last weekend two friends and I drove to Boulder, Colorado to present papers at a conference at the University of Colorado. That is a long drive, and on the way home we got the tail end of a bad storm, which made things for about an hour. Then the morning after arriving safely back in Provo, I realized that the tire, which I had re-filled in Boulder because it was nearly flat, was once again flat. So I've been without a car for a week, which has been interesting. I like walking, but I also like having the option of driving and not depending on others for rides to places not within walking distance. Unfortunately until I have money to pay to fix it, I'm stuck walking. It has been fun to travel all over though and I really loved being able to present some of my research to other people!